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The Spirit Spot podcast

The Spirit Spot podcast

The Spirit Spot

Let me guide you into your Spirit Spot, even if just for a few moments of your day.

The Spirit Spot is a free podcast that I created early in the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Most episodes are about 10 minutes or less. Each episode begins by guiding the listener through three conscious breaths, followed by an interfaith spiritual reading of an excerpt from poetry, prose, or sacred scripture. In each episode, I introduce a touchstone, or word of the day, that ties to the reading, and I share a few thoughts, or commentary on the touchstone, encouraging listeners to pause for three conscious breaths and reflect on the touchstone throughout the day.

The Spirit Spot is available on all the major podcast platforms, so look for it on your favorite podcast app. It is also available on my Youtube channel at

Season One of The Spirit Spot ended at the end of 2020 with 68 episodes. Watch for new seasons coming in the future!

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