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Body Smiles Meditation

Body Smiles Meditation

Body Smiles Meditation:

Welcome to the Body Smiles Meditation: A meditation in body awareness and gratitude. Come with me and relax into a journey through your own body. Connect to your body’s senses and the experiences they allow you to have. Waken to the gifts that your body brings you as you move through your day. See yourself with new eyes of appreciation. Enter into a new relationship of love and gratitude for your own body.  20 mins.

I offer here a downloadable mp3 audio file of a 20-minute meditation I wrote and recorded called the Body Smiles meditation. The audio file is yours to keep, and I believe you will gain many years of benefit to you and your body if you will give yourself the gift of time to listen. Suggested donation is $17, and you are invited to give more if you prefer.

With gratitude,
~ Reina-Shay 

(Note: After you click Donate via PayPal, you will be taken to Reina-Shay’s Vitruvian Wellness PayPal account, then returned to listen to and download the meditation on this website.)        

Body Smiles Meditation, CD cover, showing a woman leaping for joy in a beautiful outdoor setting with a mountain lake in the background.

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