Reina-Shay Broussard
How May I Help You With Your Writing?

How May I Help You With Your Writing?

Do you have an idea but aren’t sure how to write your first story, novel, or memoir? Do you have a rough draft but don’t know what your next steps should be? Have you written and thoroughly revised a book and need a fresh set of eyes on it before sending to an agent or publisher or taking the plunge with self-publishing?

I can help you with any of the above, as well as shorter projects that need a polishing brush. I’m happy to work with works of any genre—fiction, non-fiction, academic works, poetry.

There are several different types, or levels, of editing. Here are the most common types of editing that editors typically perform.

Developmental editing/coaching:

guiding authors through the process of developing an idea from its inception into a cohesive plan, outline, and rough draft;

identifying areas for further development and organization;

providing manuscript critique as needed.

Substantive editing (aka content editing, line editing, stylistic editing):

clarifying meaning, eliminating jargon, polishing language;

line-by-line editing for smoothness and clarity while maintaining author’s voice and style;

rewriting and reorganizing text as needed.


correcting spelling, grammar, usage, and punctuation.

I am a writing coach:

My specialty as a writing coach is with developmental editing. I have a knack for coaching writers to get their words onto the page. All you need is the beginning of your idea, and I can help guide you to a plan. I have a keen sense for recognizing gaps in storylines as well as the ability to ask questions that will help your self-help book or memoir stand out.

Contact me today to discuss your writing project and how I can help you to get your creative work out into the world.